Update 5/27/16

Hey guys, Mikeyo here.  Here’s what Donny and I are up to:

Operation Egg Plant

We decided to archive this secret project. Game Jolt started to add features to their website that we were also planning on offering.  We decided that we did not want to compete against them, which was never the plan.  A year from now we will revisit this project to see if we can develop services that would run parallel with them.  We will see what 2017 will bring for this project.


Bill Manager

Our Bill Management application is approaching it’s end phases.  We will begin to do testing in the next few weeks to start the bug killing.  Final release will be the end of June 2016.



We moved this project next in line once Bill Manager is released.  This is our point-and-click adventure engine for our future games.  Speaking of which we have a couple of games in the chamber ready to be made with this engine once it’s ready to roll out.  Exciting times ahead!


Tapping Game (Working Title)

Nothing new.  We are focusing on creating a S.A.G.E. game first before working on this mobile game.


Paradise Resort (Working Title)

Mikeyo turned in page 60 of his Story script this week.  The story just past the point of no return for the main characters.


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