Update for 7/7/2016

We hope everyone had a great Holiday! We know we did! Donny’s has been working really hard to get our Bill Manager ready for testing.  We are almost done with the build and we’re excited to get feedback on the app. The Software is designed to give the user information on how much money from their upcoming paycheck they will need to pay their bills with. Some Features: -Nice simple inte...[Read More]

Update 6/1/16

Here’s an update on what we’ve been doing since last week:   Bill Manager Donny has been working on completing the build for Bill Manager.  We plan to starting testing in about 2-3 weeks from and have a final release by the end of June.   Paradise Resort Mikeyo completed another 7 pages to the story script this week.  He had to do some revisions and restructuring of the scrip...[Read More]

Update 5/27/16

Hey guys, Mikeyo here.  Here’s what Donny and I are up to: Operation Egg Plant We decided to archive this secret project. Game Jolt started to add features to their website that we were also planning on offering.  We decided that we did not want to compete against them, which was never the plan.  A year from now we will revisit this project to see if we can develop services that would run pa...[Read More]

Hello Again World

Hello all.   It’s been awhile since we did an update on what we have been up to.  So first we are sorry.  We didn’t die off.  Just really busy. THE PAST! Keep Them Sleeping Keep Them Sleeping was finished in June of 2014 and can be found  Here..  Originally we were going to push past the PC realm and into the Mobile Universe however we had some bugs with the interface.  We decided that the game wa...[Read More]