Keep Them Sleeping

Keep Them Sleeping Version 1.0 Available

Hello all! Version 1.0 of Keep Them Sleeping is now available for download. This version contains a complete overhaul of the UI and some changes to how the game plays. Since we only had one sound effect in the game (the click when you clicked a button), we have removed the OpenAL requirement as well and dropped audio completely for the time being. Once we have more sound effects and a soundtrack, ...[Read More]

Keep Them Sleeping Updates

I apologize, as I forgot to add a news item for the update that was made available last night – As such, I will include it’s release notes below. The game is really approaching the play style and difficulty that I was originally aiming for. Up until now you could basically win just by boosting everyone’s immune system over and over – keep it high enough and they wo...[Read More]

New Project: Keep The Sleeping

We’ve just added a page for a new project, Keep Them Sleeping which is a simulation game that puts you in the position of a bot that manages medbay pods during emergencies. A download link for the current beta version is available on the page.