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Donny Beals, Owner, Developer
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I started Beals Software in 2011 as a front for my crime syndicate…er game and software development team. I have been programming since I was 14 (around 2001) and that’s pretty much what I do in my spare time, besides playing games, working, and spending time with my wife and two kids.

The majority of my time at Beals Software is obviously spent doing software development. I currently do all of our in-house programming as well as any Unity work, though the latter will be moving on to others when the time comes. I also have my hand in the design portion, helping Mikeyo by providing what ideas I can and trying to brainstorm with him. Finally, I also do my best to manage our social media pages which is probably a horrible idea as I am a socially inept smart ass, but we seem to be doing okay so far.

My main vision for Beals Software is to not only develop and publish our own games and software, but to do what we can to help other members of the indie game development community as well as the Let’s Play community. We have already started toward this goal with our other site, letsplayindiegames.com and we have other ideas that we’ll be working on for the future.

Michael “Mikeyo” Pilarczyk, Lead Project Manager

Who am I?  I am Mikeyo.  I joined Beals Software in 2013 as Lead Project Manager.  When I started I did not know exactly what the role of Project Manager meant.  I have 20 years of management in my books, with 10 of those in Video Game Retail.

I knew Donny and was going to do some video work for him on another project.  He asked me to join his team and help him run the business.  So while working another full time job I do what I can to creatively help develop and guide the content that we create.

My school background is Film, Video, Radio, and Screenwriting.  All of this has helped me with Beals, especially writing stories that some of our current and future projects will be based on.  I pride myself of being a real person with a sense of vision.

I believe that we all work as a team.  Not just us at Beals, but all of us developers from different companies.  We work together to help promote each other and nurture each other in a positive way.  My main twitter feed use to be just me talking about Beals and other developer’s projects.  My feed exploded to the point where I have a robot that helps me help you guys with Kick Starter Promotions.  I will have a personal feed again someday soon.

I know in the Independent Video Game Industry you don’t start rich, and sometimes you’ll never be rich.  It’s just the facts.  You have to know that when you start.  Just like every business it takes some sacrifices in order to create the content you create.  Lots of hours spent and lots of personal time and money used in order to create sustainable, deliverable results.