Update for 7/7/2016

We hope everyone had a great Holiday! We know we did!

Donny’s has been working really hard to get our Bill Manager ready for testing.  We are almost done with the build and we’re excited to get feedback on the app. The Software is designed to give the user information on how much money from their upcoming paycheck they will need to pay their bills with.

Some Features:

-Nice simple interface that is easy to read.

-Input your payday and set the occurrences (Weekly/BiWeekly/Monthly)

-Input your Bills into the software and it will let you know what bills are due from the next paycheck

-You will be able to set the occurrences of bills particular bills.  This will be great for bills that are due beyond monthly (i.e. A bill that is dues every three months)

– Input/Export options to transfer between devices.

We are looking forward to releasing this App Early August!


Have great week!





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